Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hey! Okay. I don't have any prompts yet, but I have been thinking a little bit about what I'd like to be writing. I went through a bunch of old stuff, and I found a half-formed outline for a -- get this! -- a cyberpunk romance novel in which two disaffected twenty-somethings named Jack Klide and Chel Dakster (!!!) get lost in a series of underground tunnels (built to protect the survivors of some sort of apocalyptic disaster I guess?) and have to (!!!) come to terms with the fact that CHEL IS ACTUALLY PART ROBOT. CAN A CYBORG AND A HUMAN FALL IN LOVE UNDERGROUND??

God knows I haven't a job/foreseeable future to entertain me. So I'm going to dive headfirst into this one. It ain't gonna get me no MFA, but I think it'll be a hoot and a half.

So. I need your help. I can't decide what part of Chel is actually robotic. Her arm? Her left hand? Her liver? Of all the people I know, I trust you guys the most with this issue.

Dear friends, I miss you. I hope you are well. Love love love you.


  1. I actually have first-hand experience with this situation. My father is in the process of becoming a cyborg. He just had his knee replaced (it's now titanium!) and they're going to do the other one pretty soon. It got really infected at one point. They claim it was because he's allergic to the kind of stitches that disintegrate inside your body, but I think his body was rejecting the robot-parts. After that they put this tube into his arm that goes straight to his heart. He's telling me it's for some heavy-duty antibiotics, but I'm pretty sure it's robot fuel they've been pumping into him twice a day for the past six weeks. Pretty soon he's going to be all metal.

    That actually wasn't very helpful. Um... I'd stay away from the arm, since that's a little Beyonce at this point. I think you should tell us a little more about her personality, and we can decide which part of her should be robot based on her character.

    I'm sorry. I just had a LOT of coffee.

  2. It should be connected to her brain somehow, you know? If it's just a bionic leg or something she's still basically as human as anyone else.